Tracy and Brian – E-Session Liberty State Park, New Jersey Wedding Photographer

When I emailed Tracy about their engagement shoot, I advised her to perhaps bring something fun to use as a prop, So yesterday, Tracy visited a place where she heard would have “special” balloons she could use in their engagement shoot the next day .. The lady behind the counter with an eerie grin told Tracy that these are “very special” balloons and it would make her shoot magical. Tracy happily purchased 2 beautiful red balloons and brought them out to today’s shoot. But little did Tracy know … these Balloons HAS GONE WILD! During the shoot, we’ve witnessed something magical, yet hysterical! Tracy got attacked at Liberty State Park by a magical sideways-flying balloon .. it was the oddest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Balloons usually flies upwards .. but THIS magical balloon defies all laws of science; it only flies sideways and downwards .. LOL I’ve never been to a shoot where I spend the entire shoot rolling on the floor laughing ROFL ..

But seriously, Congrats to you guys and can’t wait for your big day !