TLC Royal Wedding in Times Square, NYC Wedding Photographer

Today, TLC hosted a “Royal Wedding Viewing Party” in Times Square, NYC broadcasting live footage from Westminster Abbey, London of the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Catherine Middleton!

Not known to the public until 2 weeks ago, TLC had secretly chosen 3 lucky couples to be married on stage…in the middle of Times Square…at the Royal Wedding Viewing Party…at the same time as Prince William and Kate!! Whew ..that’s a lot of pauses! So, 2 weeks ago, I received a phone call from one of my clients telling me that he and his fiancée had been chosen to be in today’s celebration!!!! TLC kept it pretty secretive; details were very foggy and the couples didn’t know too much until today. The sheer excitement of being chosen for a TLC show, married in middle of Times Square, and having the same wedding date as the Royal Couple is totally beyond words for Jesse and Marie! (Jesse, no excuse man…you WILL NEVER forget your wedding anniversary date now!)

The Show went off without a hitch and it was very exciting to watch as the 3 lucky couples got married while the Royal Wedding was broadcasting in the background on the Times Square jumbotrons. It was a very simple but yet touching ceremony for the couples and a few of them actually cried. I am not going to say who, but I’m just saying 🙂 So right after the ceremony, they were given a wedding cake on the same stage from the TLC hit show ” Cake Boss “ which later the couples told me that it was absolutely YUMMY! and the performance by Colbie Caillat singing her top hits was just icing on the cake!

My “royal couple” mentioned something very funny to me .. they do plan on keeping their original wedding date in Sept. 2011. So, today’s wedding is “his” and the Sept. wedding is “hers” .. HAHAHA

Here’s a link to an UK press for today’s event in Times Square