Sylvia and Ian – Liberty State Park New Jersey Wedding Photographer

Long time ago way back when Sylvia was just about to go to college, their lives were about to change. Sylvia was working at a physical therapist’s office and was suppose to be training someone as her replacement when she goes off to college. Entered a tall, dark handsome guy by the name of Ian, Sylvia was totally head over heels, like “whoa”! As the day went on, little training got done, finally Ian ask Sylvia to see if she was interested in having dinner with him. To make things less awkward, Ian suggested to bring along their friends, little did he know, Sylvia never made any calls to her girlfriends, as she wanted to be with alone with Ian. As the night came, Sylvia made up some excuse that NONE of her friends could come, so it will just be her. The opportunity came where this could be their official first date, so Ian called to cancel with his friends. The two had a wonderful dinner and went for a walk at a park (where they had their first kiss, by the way .. Sylvia kisses on the first date) over looking Manhattan’s night skyline and that date never ended.

Congratulations to you both !

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  • SylviaJune 12, 2010 - 9:00 AM

    Dear Tom & Annie,

    You guys make a great team and we can’t thank you enough for helping us capture every special moment of our civil ceremony in such a unique way! Every picture is spectacular, we have yet we have yet to pick our favorite one! I am partial to the one on the bus..that was a great idea!

    Love, Sylvia & Ian