Emily and Jim – Wedding at Branches Catering, Jersey Shore, West Long Branch, NJ Photographer w/ Hurricane Irene!

Irene WHAT? WHO??!! Ask Jim and Emily who Irene was! Mandatory evacuation orders off the Jersey coast by Long Branch Police Department? Yea, yea..don’t worry, I mean seriously, we got a wedding going on here, Officer! Not just A wedding, but Emily and Jim’s wedding!!

Nothing was going to interfere with Emily and Jim’s wedding celebration! Even with news broadcast leading up to August 27, and subsequently, the imminent news of Irene making landfall on their wedding day, I must say that Emily and Jim faced a huge challenge, but they took it in stride and approached it gracefully! Surrounded by close friends and family…and Irene (Wedding Crasher!), Emily and Jim pulled off a beautiful wedding, and did it in STYLE! Emily just looked radiant and gorgeous! Ok Jim, you did too!

Thank you for letting us be a part of an unforgettable wedding celebration!

Note to self:
– Rocked a wedding during a hurricane: Check!

Location: Long Branch, New Jersey

Ceremony: Branches Catering, West Long Branch, New Jersey

Reception: Branches Catering, West Long Branch, New Jersey