Deepti and Jake – E-Session

I guess there’s no other way to call this but … Fate! From the way they’ve met each other (fate) to the reasons why and how they found me (fate).  

At first, Jake advised me that he wasn’t too comfortable in front of the camera … LIES I tell ya !!!!  .. Jake is a natural model and he definitely can bring it .. the emotions, the looks .. it’s so money and he knew it! Ah, and Deepti, what can I say about her?!! Jake told me that the both of them will be arriving to the shoot after an Engagement luncheon and Deepti will be wearing a traditional Sari. When she arrived, I was floored! She looked absolutely gorgeous .. WOW ! The colors and how the sari wrapped around her .. STUNNING!  I wanted to keep shooting with the Sari on her, but after I’ve made her walk and pose, her poor feet were killing her so, we had to change outfits. She was a trooper for hanging in there for me to get the shots I’ve wanted.