Danielle and Kelly – E-Session Bear Mountain, NY Photographer

Hey Hey, Party Animals!

Ok guys, just a bit of background…both Danielle and Kelly are Educators of our fabulous school system…so for this blog, I have to make sure I write in proper written English!

(This is making me nervous…all sorts of things are running through my head: Is it “i” before “e”, after “c”? If the action is in past tense, do I drop the “y” and add “-ed” or is it “-ied”? When would I use present past tense verbs or past past tense verbs, and what do I do when using prepositions? By the way, what’s a simile or a metaphor anyway?) I’m just going to put it out there now… So here it goes:

I met Danielle and Kelly at Erin and Josh’s wedding back in July. I had no idea we would have so many party animals in one location at once! Both Danielle and Kelly are fun-loving people and shooting their engagement pictures was a breeze. Both are very natural and photogenic and we had a great time hanging out with both of them again. I can’t wait to shoot their wedding next year!